Mission and Evangelization

“Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations” (Mt.28:19)

  The church, being missionary by its very nature continues its pilgrimage until the second coming of Christ and fulfills its missions by leading the unbelievers to faith and helping the faithful to deepen their faith.Taking into account the needs of the church in India and abroad, we engage in mission work. We manifest our Eucharistic life in the context of the Church's teaching, oriental spirituality, and elements of Indian culture compatible with Catholic doctrine.
  The goal of all our efforts of evangelization is to build up communities that experience the living presents of the Eucharistic Lord. W e must always remember that “The witness of a Christian life is the first and irreplaceable form of mission”.
  Sisters, who are not directly involved in missionary work, encourage and strengthen those in the missions by prayer and self sacrifice and promote vocations to the missions. The province has houses in the states of Karnataka and Gujarath in India as well as in countries like Italy, Germany, and U.S.A. The missionary activities which started in 1976 to proclaim the good news and to make the Eucharistic Lord known, loved and adored by all, always and everywhere.

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