Global Missions - America

Global Missions - America

In 1965 Sr. Glorista who had done novitiate in Palai and was studying in college was sent to the United States as part of the Sisters Formation Program. After study and some working experience she returned to India in 1982. In 1998, she returned to America to attend a refresher course in Counselling (CPE). After the course she began to work as director for faith formation in Norwich diocese. She asked the Bishop to invite sisters to work in the diocese and he gladly invited our sisters to work in the diocesan Nursing home. Since Tellicherry did not have many nurses to send there, opportunity was given to the sisters from Mananthavady and Thamarasserry. Later the sisters from Mananthavady bought a house and moved. Sisters from Thamarasserry moved into another diocese.

St. Joseph Province, Thalassery started St. Joseph adoration convent in Danielson Connecticut in 2003. Our convent is belong to Diocese of Norwich. At present our sisters involved in parish work such us visiting the sick and poor and distribution of Holy Communion to home bounded, teaching catechism and other parish activities. Sisters started holy hour in the convent chapel and parish church for parishioners. This inspires parishioners to pay and gain peace and joy from the Eucharistic Lord. Besides parish work,we involved in hospital ministry also.

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