The candidates go to study for Plus Two after a year of Aspirancy. Those who have finish +2 enter postulancy during which time they discern their vocation and begin the process of configuration to the person of Jesus. After postulancy, the candidates enter the Novitiate. To make the parents of the candidates become familiar with the community, “Parents’ day” is planned for each group on a convenient day at a suitable place. To help the candidates to grow in the appreciation of their vocation, “Vocation Appreciation day” is planned with the motto “AFLAME”, every year with classes and other functions.

After the First Profession the Junior sisters are sent to various communities for a year of community experience. Then, they will be sent for various professional training to prepare them for a ministry suitable to their talent and aptitude. Two or Three times a year, all the Junior sisters are gathered for enrichment programme. Each sister will be asked to complete the studies and write the papers assigned to them. A common directress is assigned to guide the Junior sisters in their spiritual growth.

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